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Tale of Two Weapons: Long Shadows and First Blade
Dumb son of a bitch
I recently posted a picture to Tumblr, and it's gotten more notes than I ever have before. And then I thought how to fix it (we all do that once we've published, right?). I don't know...should I just not mess with what's done? I do like them both, but think not having gone straight to the second version feels like a time-sensitive oversight.

Any opinion?

Long Shadows:
Facing forward none of them could see the shadows that would be cast in the future.
First VersionCollapse )
Maybe what I should have done in the first place...Collapse )

I know I'm the worst, but...
Dumb son of a bitch
I am frustrated when it comes to finding a forum for fanart discussion, including feedback, critiques, teaching, WIPs, squeeing, all that.

There are some *incredible* people on my friendslist, but I feel like a spammer posting anything other than mass posts of completed work, and I don't know how to start up a conversation, and err on the side of not showing up instead.

I had hopes that spnartsupport would be that thing, but I felt like I was spamming, not leading there too. And the last post is 6 months old.

Does the place already exist on LJ? (It's not like I'm finding it at tumblr or dA) Are the cool kids hanging out in an active community?

I feel silent in a chattering room, and I don't know where or who to go up to in order to start a conversation, and also haven't worked out how to start one by myself.

(Signed up for the DCBB, wheee! So I will be around more for that for a while anyway!)

eta: My sister will divorce me if I send her any more porn, as I search for my boundaries.

Naked Supernatural (D/C, S/J:NSFW)
Dumb son of a bitch
Here are the very few I've done recently:
Sam & Jess:
[R rating]
Sam is so straight in my headcanon. It's all about the pussy for him. Well, okay, he's a good participant in the MMF threesomes, but there still needs to be vadge in the room.

Scrupulous (D/C):
Cas had a way of making it seem like he had never spread Dean out underneath him, never touched and revered him from head to toe. Every time he was diligent about relearning every heated inch of Dean, keeping him still with promise of reward.

Uplift *(D/C):

The degree to which Dean was buoyed by Castiel went far beyond the metaphorical, but the metaphorical was the most important.

Rapt (D/C):

Cheap motels, small towels, short refractory periods…

Hard Marks (D/C):

The bruises will blend in with the marks of the job, but either of them can tell you exactly which one they placed, when, and the reason why is always the same.

Turned Table (D/C)


It was not that long ago, but many lifetimes, when Cas would watch Dean sleep, puzzling through the idea of human sleep, calming the distress of his charge. Those days have past.

Fragile (D/C)

Sometimes he has to look, to check. Dean gets lost in the act much more easily than he ever does. And there are so many things Castiel doesn’t even know how to start learning.

Like how to trust again.

And one of just Castiel, that's not got a proper name, but I like to call it DEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAN:

Random Fanarts
Dumb son of a bitch
This is what I call the section with no  Supernatural.
Doctor Who:[Ten]
A Secret Santa gift for a really great woman.

Sleepy Hollow:

I Am a Monster Too (The Walking Dead):
Really dry spell, drawing-wise...

Dumb son of a bitch
The other funnest thing for my eyes to do is Sleepy Hollow. I'm not very practiced at any of them yet, but under the cut, please find Ichabod, Abbie, and Mrs. Irving.



The first one is digital, the second two are Sharpie on 65lb printer paper.

[Ichabod is judging you]Ichabod-1[Abbie is worried]Worried Abbie[Mrs. Irving is tired of your shit]Mrs Irving
If I can stop laughing long enough, maybe I will draw Capt. Irving one day...

Coupla drops in the SPN bucket
Dumb son of a bitch
A few "quick" pictures (and look at all the pretty colours!):

Wings Aflame Crest Hard Landing Tears-of-Heaven Human!Impala
Castiel Wings
Aflame Crest
Hard Landing Tears Of

Warning for buttcrack on the second picture.

[~delights within~]
The first two are results of experimentation with wings, and the pictures went very different ways.
Wings Aflame Crest
Hard Landing
Here I was imagining the fallen angels as tears, as liquid drops falling from Heaven, not so much the fireballs, and also seeing Castiel as hollow.
This is my submission for a tumblr "Human Impala" challenge issued in November. It was a lot of fun putting together, and hysterical to explain to non-watchers.

High And Low
Dumb son of a bitch
I saw a beautiful painting of Castiel and a whale, and thought of Cas on his search for God. Who's he going to ask? He's going to avail himself of every source, surely. And thus this series was born. I am only two pictures into it, because they are not like the other pictures and just squinting at the idea of it takes me a while.

So here you have it. Seeking God:

High and Low I
Seeking God I

High and Low II
Seeking God II
(That's deliberately the plague-bearing kind of rat that's all through every city and in every sewer, not the ones that are kept in kids' bedrooms. Well, I hope it is, anyway.)

Kiss A Day Sketch Month
Dumb son of a bitch
I needed to save myself from myself. From my brain, and from my block. So I challenged myself to a month of kissing (not me kissing, in case you're about to scroll past, DEAN AND CASTIEL kissing). Actually, the cast was open at the start, and closed by the end. It never got too too steamy, and no one else got kissed. Hmmm. Which day is representative but still tempting?

Okay, here's the teaser:


It goes from fully clothed to NSFW, from kisses lightly placed on hands to hands going in places, and there are even wings. I hope you enjoy what's under the cut. Wait--how do you cut again? Maybe I won't--har--kidding...there's gotta be a lj-cut around here somewhere...

More sketches...Collapse )

Thanks guys. I'll try and catch up with the rest of the pics soon. I even tried Sleepy Hollow. Crazy, man!

Oh! And it's ALL digital. I got a Galaxy Note 10.1, and OMG squee. I can't even speak proper English about it.

Garden of Dean/Castiel Delights
Dumb son of a bitch
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Dumb son of a bitch
Sorry about those uber-long image posts. I have shortened the last two. What's the preferred way to do it? Spoiler hide each image? One big spoiler cut with a leading tease image? Insert a cut for the bulk of them? Does it help to see images or titles?

This is your friendslist--how do I not be annoying in three weeks time?