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Shared Skies by Artsiel Art Post by serenada

Shared Skies
As the Southern Kingdom takes action to conquer the Four Kingdoms, it is up the Dean of Winchester, Alpha Prince of the West, to return order to the kingdoms. Is marriage to the Omega Prince of the North enough to stop on coming war, or will unknown forces bring about the end of peace between the four nations forever?

Artsiel has written an a/b/o medieval piece, it's my job to try and do the rich prose justice. It was really obvious that the writer was very visual, and I was scared for a while that I'd contradict her and "ruin" everything. But she assured me that's not how it'd worked, shared her sources for the wedding pictures, and then I went big with the rest (Gustave Dore guided a lot of my choices, even if I can't aspire to a fleck of his talent. I'd have drawn everyone in a completely new outfilt, if I could have justified it...

Thanks to Artsiel, to my beta Anne, to amy for being impatient and to the challenge mods!

Curses to LJ which is taking an hour to post this. Apologies if it messes your friend's page...

Title Card: SS-Feathered Crest
Crest of the west:

Crest of the North:
SS-Solar Crest

The Meeting:

The combination heats his face further. Castiel wonders what his felt like in Dean’s and can feel the flush on his cheeks increase. The Alpha looks as though he wants to speak, to perhaps comment on Castiel’s state, but is interrupted before he can even begin.

The brother-in-law-to-be:


The prince was pulled from his reprieve by a tug on his sleeve. Looking for the source, Castiel found it came from a small boy, no older than ten, standing by his side. The child looked up at him with wide hazel eyes, long brown hair tied behind his head save for a few stray locks that frame his round face, and hand still wrapped around the fabric of Castiel’s sleeve. His clothing, though slightly modest as it was composed of a layered overshirt and plain trousers, were too richly made for the boy to be the child of knight. Perhaps he was the son of a noble.

The Wedding:

The alpha makes his way towards the spot at which Castiel waits, kneeling at his feet. While he is dressed more modestly, as Omega’s usually are during such ceremonies, his shoulders and feet the only skin exposed, Dean attire is far more revealing. His torso and arms are bare, save for the runes and marking painted on his skin, and Castiel can see the muscles of his shoulders move as the Alpha reaches to present his sword to him.

The Morning After:

His dark hair is sleep mussed, his lips slightly parted to draw in even breaths, fingertips peaking out from the too long sleeves of the night shirt Dean had lent him hours prior, his scent is a pleasant combination of the two of them as a result. All of him gives off a peacefulness that Dean was finds he wishes to keep, to never be without.

Curse you iivejournal for making that entry process horrible, but the bang itself was good!
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