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Dean/Castiel Big Bang 2011

Wow. It's here, Posting time is here.

Let me thank a multitude of people. I have to thank hils twice over, for being a great mod and a wonderfully supportive author (though she was kinda mean for not writing in a horse for me), tiptoe39 for being a great author too. leyna55 and artmetica were brilliant advice-givers, seeing things I was blind to, and I apologise for not being good enough to take all their advice, and amy37, as always, a great cheerleader in my corner.

So. On to the meat.

First thing I saw when I was looking through the summaries was "The Princess Bride". I had to claim Death Cannot Stop True Love (It Can Only Delay It For A While). No questions asked. So my title card is based on the DVD cover:

Dean makes a lovely Buttercup, doesn't he?

I guess we just have to make the most of the time we have, then.
(I can't resist the idea of drawing Cas and Dean in bed. Just can't.)

Did God bring you back again?
(Poor sweet discombobulated Dean)

Why do I have to carry him?
(Oh, Gabriel. You know you really don't mind)

And there you have it! Another fun bang, and I can't wait until next year! Go read the story, and I hope you enjoy!
Tags: author:hils, author:tiptoe39, betaed, castiel, dcbb, dean, dean/castiel, fanart, gabriel, illustration, pencil
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